Of all the ways we learn, school is only one.

Human beings are intrinsically intelligent. Before we are old enough to go to school we are able to count, to imagine, to build, to break and to love. School is the next stepping stone towards knowledge and education, it is the fundamental building block that one needs in order to grow; not only academically but emotionally and spiritually as well. By the age of 7/8, we are reading, writing, conceptualizing and calculating. Through our years at school we learn about friendship, exponents, heartbreak, and trigonometry. From there, and for the rest of our lives we expand this knowledge.

Most people think of education from a one-sided view of simply learning from teachers and textbooks, however, we see it in a different light. Education is a combination of factors, school being just one. People who do not receive the highest marks academically become hesitant to do any sort of learning; they struggle to find what works for them and how to adapt the content to suit their individual needs. Creating Youniverse has allowed us to have a platform through which we are able to teach our tutors and students that not all studying is the same. Each person’s skill set is unique and learning to actively engage with the material in a way that works for you is a key component to building confidence. This will ultimately result in achieving better marks. Understanding and assessing your child’s individual needs allows us to help them to grow. They will learn how to ignite the ‘superpowers’ they already have within.

As our bodies grow, our mind does too, and we owe this to the privileges that are a by-product of living in an advanced society. The education system is called a system for a reason. We get to learn; and because of this small grammatically emphasised statement, Youniverse is able to exist. If getting passing grades is the necessity, then enjoying what we are working on is the privilege. How can we expect kids to appreciate the underlying wonders of learning if all the magic has been taken out of it? One of our many hopes when creating Youniverse was to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and create a new universe of learning for themselves. Learning is not a passive process that happens overnight; it’s an active process that with time and effort becomes a new and exciting experience. 

Once you let go of the preconceived ideas about education that you have, you are opening yourself up to a new world. Let go of your idea of perfect and find enjoyment in everything that you learn. Going to school is just the tip of the iceberg in your child’s education; their experiences in the world will teach them more than any theory could. Youniverse exists to deepen that intrinsic intelligence that each and every one of us has within; client or assistant, we all learn from each other. 

– Brannan Elin & Kiara Cowen

17010cookie-checkOf all the ways we learn, school is only one.

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