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Perks of working for us

We want to make this an easy, enjoyable and successful experience for you.

What we do for you: manage the clients so that you can focus on the student; advertise and source clients so that jobs will find you; organize payments on your behalf that go straight into your bank account. 

You will: receive a personalised business email which links to google calendars; manage bookings and lessons through our website; receive jobs that match your preferences 

 No minimum hours of work is required; it’s your time so it’s up to you & you may continue to work for other companies if you please.

Please note: we require our Assistants to be 18 years or older, have a Matric Certificate, a valid drivers license and no criminal record.

  • Being a tutor means investing time, energy and care into your students, as you are the bridge between their academic insecurities and achieving their goals.
  • Flexible hours that are determined by you
  • You must have received at least 70% on your Matric Certificate for the subjects that you would like to tutor. 
  • Tutoring is offered online or in person.
  • To tutor in person: you need to have your own transport as tutoring takes place at the students home. If this is not feasible, a public space such as a coffee shop is recommended. 
  • Punctuality is crucial for this job as exam-assistance takes place during school hours at the learners school.
  • You will be required to sit for long periods of time and attentively monitor the student and may not help the student with the content of their exam answers.
  • No previous experience is required as a training pack will be provided. 
  • The perfect job for someone who has extra time on their hands.
  • Help students finish their exams by prompting them when to move on to the next question
  • Neat handwriting is necessary as well as proficient writing skills – around 25 words per minute is the average adult writing speed.
  • Answers must be written verbatim, without any alterations. 
  • Scribe in the subjects and languages that you have previous experience in.
  • Proficient reading aloud skills are necessary.
  • Read in the subjects that you have experience in.

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